Welcome To

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is the center of as much or as little excitement as you like.


Welcome to Capitol Hill

Welcome to the home of everything cool in Seattle. And we mean everything.

Once revered primarily as the monied Mansion District, Capitol Hill is now home to some of the most progressive views in the city—both literally and figuratively. This is where Seattle stays up late, savors its newest James Beard award winning chef and let’s her colors fly their highest.

Easily the hippest and most vibrant neighborhood in the city, Capitol Hill is the center of as much or as little excitement as you like. Teaming with outdoor cafes, updated classics, and places to sit and watch the day go by.

What to Expect

Something new with every experience. The creative force is strong here and covers a lot of ground.

Love is in the details, and Capitol Hill is awash with them. From unique preparations to innovative spaces, there isn’t a single part of your day that won’t have been touched with that little bit extra.

The Lifestyle

You are free—to come and go, to try new things, to express yourself to your heart’s content. In a word, it’s inspiring!

If wide-open spaces are your thing, do that. Art walks and craft fairs? There’s that. Quiet corners to go analog? Yep. All in the arms of a community to welcome you the way you are. Whatever you’re into, there’s a storied hangout just waiting for you.

Unexpected Appeal

There’s just so many diverse things to do and see jam-packed into this one distinctive neighborhood.

Tranquil walks through the Plant Conservatory, highly curated retail experiences, a plethora of indie coffee shops, hip bars and eateries—no two days ever have to be the same here. Nor should they be.

The Market

Primarily tons of apartments—from micro spaces and modern choices, to split-19th Century mansions.

Lots of multi-family apartments, condos and townhomes in both new and old spaces, with more single family homes as you head north.

You'll Fall in Love With

The old growth trees, mansions galore, and the dedication to living your best life at all times.

Volunteer Park offers 50-acres of trees and trails plus panoramic views of the city, while a walk down Broadway offers almost every kind of distraction you can think of. It’s youthful, vibrant, and densely populated.

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